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Learning in the Library

At the heart of the library is the goal to encourage students to develop a love of literature and a passion for learning and thinking. All students who visit the library are exposed to literature in a variety of forms. They are read to and borrowing is always encouraged. The library is also focused on giving students the opportunity to enhance their learning in a manner that differs from classroom learning. The library is a flexible and collaborative space and students are encouraged to work with others developing a variety of skills.


For each grade there is a different focus or goal during library learning. The library program is flexible and is often adjusted to meet the needs of school priorities and classroom learning.


There are some instructions for digital tools used regularly in library lesson:  ORBIT catalogue search, ORBIT reservation of books, writing of ORBIT book reviews, recording books in PRC student reading records, and World Book Online. The instructions outline how these can be accessed and utilised at home.